The Ramkrishna Charitable Trust

We are as enthusiastic about giving back to society as we are about our business. The principles of trust, transparency and excellence that we implement in our day to day business dealings are carried over to our social responsibilities.


V.N.Godhani Memorial School


Shree Ramkrishna Exports Pvt. Ltd. runs the 'V.N.Godhani Memorial School ,which was established in 1988. We believe the future of our nation lies with the younger generation-particularly the girl child. This school is known for its quality education and high standards throughout the city. Children from economically challenged backgrounds receive education free of cost


SRK Healthcare Centre


It started 15 years ago with a community healthcare centre on the first level of the V.N Godhani School. The Matrushri Nanduba Popatbhai Medical Centre treats patients at relief rates, has more than 40 expert visiting doctors for consultation and offers physiotherapy, X-ray, sonography, pathology and laboratory services. In addition to this Shree Ramkrishna Export runs a 300-bed, fully equipped hospital with all the latest amenities, critical care units, individual departments and more than 100 specialist doctors along with a full complement of staff, technicians, diagnostics and emergency vehicles.

Free Medical Camps

Blood Donation Drive


Tribal Medical Camp


Quarterly-held medical camps are held in order to reach out to those who may not have heard of our health centre's services. Eye check-up, diabetes, tuberculosis camps and blood donation drives are just some of the initiatives we have undertaken over the years. The tribal areas of Gujarat have been identified as having a lack of medical facilities and hence health camps with free treatment and medicine distribution are conducted by us. We have joined hands with the Government of Gujarat for operating an HIV-AIDS control program, and raised funds for the program 'Lok Diaro' through which we have adopted 750 AIDS patients for lifelong treatment.


Tapi River Cleanliness Drive


We take pride in the fact that during natural calamities and war we have risen to the challenge to manage and restore disaster stricken areas. The villages of Lutavadar and Maniba in Kutch, Gujarat were fully restored after a devastating earthquake in 2001. Brave hearts of the Kargil war were commemorated posthumously by extending financial aid to their next of kin. During the Surat floods of 1994, 98, 2002 and 2006 and subsequent plague Shree Ramkrishna Export was actively involved in the clean-up movement with manpower and funds being utilised on the ground.

Surat City Cleanliness Drive



Ecological Responsibility


We have built a canal in Dudhala, Saurashtra and constructed and donated 45 check dams to the villages along the canal route. Tree conservation is supported by our club named, 'Sarjan Youth Club' in Surat.

Humanitarian Awards

Matrushri Santokbaa Humanitarian Award


In order to promote excellence and honour those who have achieved it Govind Dholakia initiated the 'Matrushri Santokbaa Manav Ratna Award.' The Ramkrishna Hall donated to the Southern Gujarat Chamber of Commerce & Industry, the SRK Sports Complex and a public park (Dholakia Garden) are just a few of the other community development programs we have implemented.


Felicitating Gandhians


Personally chaired by Govind Dholakia, level one of the V.N Godhani School doubles up as a philanthropy centre. A committee of highly dedicated team members helps identify needy persons and financial aid is dispensed to them here. Students, widows, patients, orphans and anyone in need is welcome at the 'Relief Centre'.


Parenting Seminar for Staff


Our philosophy, in the words of Govind Dholakia is to 'treat employees like family and family members like employees.' At Shree Ramkrishna Export every employee is trained, evaluated, tested and then offered a job according to his personal assessment of his strengths and inclination. No wonder the Steel Authority of India (SAIL) ranked us 14th amongst India's top companies for best HR practices. In its 2009 book titled ''HR Best Practices – Manufacturing Sector in India' brought out in collaboration with the IIM-Ahmedabad, SRK Export has found special mention for its outstanding human resource management.

The Personal Touch

Govind Dholakia has made it a point to oversee all aspects of the charity and personally holds court for the supports students, widows, the sick and disabled. Students, irrespective of their religious background are required to learn by heart a passage from their religious text and funds are disbursed in accordance with the number of passages learnt. The idea behind this exercise is that only if people want something bad enough will they make effort to gain it and once gained they know that they cannot take this help for granted as they have worked hard for it. Another benefit of this scheme is that people do not feel they are taking charity; rather there is the sense of having earned the help. People walk away with their self-esteem intact.